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    AFC Players of the Week


    Bills Scott Dettmer
    Bills Joe Keeler
    Bengals James Maida
    Bengals Matt Handlon
    Chiefs Hunter Hartley
    Chiefs Gino Deleo
    Dolphins Austin Dube
    Dolphins Jack Patterson
    Chargers Mark Trip Jr.
    Chargers Jacob Bueckman
    Jets Andrew Mistretta
    Jets Devon Daunais
    Ravens Milto Dimotroglu
    Ravens Declan Depeter
    Patriots Oliver Brooks Barr
    Patriots Alex Wood
    Broncos Tyler Kaplan
    Broncos Xander Moore
    Raiders Matty Ferro
    Raiders Mason Scola


    AFC Division 1

    Team W L PF PA
    Raiders 3 0 72 48
    Bills 2 1 76 45
    Bengals 2 1 57 45
    Ravens 0 3 50 75
    Jets 0 3 57 104


    AFC Division 2


    Team W L PF PA
    Chargers 3 0 107 56
    Dolphins 2 1 82 77
    Chiefs 2 1 72 58
    Patriots 1 2 36 64
    Broncos 0 3 50 81


    NFC Players of the Week


    Bucs Thomas Orsaia
    Bucs Parker Moore
    Cowboys Christian DePeter
    Cowboys Leo McDonald
    49ers Liam Featherson
    49ers Matt Andreana
    Giants Sebastian Cairo
    Giants Liam Pavia
    Seahawks Brady Handlon
    Seahawks **************
    Panthers **************
    Panthers **************
    Packers Morgan Curran
    Packers Rob Vetter
    Rams Nick DellaCamera
    Rams Mason Alves


    AFC October 8th Schedule

    10:30am Field 1 Chargers vs Patriots
    10:30am Field 2 Raiders vs Chiefs
    10:30am Field 3 Broncos vs Dolphins
    10:30am Field  4 Jets vs Bengals
    11:45am Field 3 Bills vs Ravens


    NFC October 8th Schedule

    9:00am Field 1 Giants vs Bucs
    9:00am Field 2 Rams vs Panthers
    9:00am Field 3  Seahawks vs 49ers
    9:00am Field 4  Packers vs Cowboys


    NFC Standings

    On behalf of the First Down Club, we would like to thank everyone for their support in making our 1st year a huge success. The First Down Club believes strongly that it is vital to our  community to have  high quality  youth sports programs for our children, to not only grow as athletes, but as young men and women of great character. Below are some highlights from our 1st season:


    - 160+ kids enrolled 

    - 30+ volunteer coaches

    - Team Photographers

    - League Website to highlight achievements

    - Active Social Media Accounts

    - High School Level referees

    - 256 Player of the Week recipients

    - 2 Breast Cancer Awareness events raising over $1600

    - Honored Veterans with Westhill ROTC presentation

    -74 total games/scrimmages played







    2021 Jeff Cortese Sportsmanship Award Recipients

    Bears Ryan Elie
    Giants Lily Panapada
    Saints Anthony Fazio
    Seahawks Ryan Tambini
    Cardinals Alexander Siegel
    Cowboys Brady Handlon
    Buccaneers Bauer Richardson
    Panthers Noah Agastein
    Patriots Chase Kintzi
    Raiders Cody Meek
    Steelers Mike Orgera
    Titans Jeremy Quaglino


    EJ Federico
    Chiefs Rory Dec
    Dolphins Andrew Heigel
    Ravens Xavier Wunderlich